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No-Gi Jiu Jitsu and Gi Jiu Jitsu are two sides of the same coin, and training both is crucial for your BJJ development. While very similar on the surface there are quite a few differences. In this class you will explore all the No-Gi aspects of Jiu-Jitsu and the techniques which are restricted from use in the Gi. This class is taught from the fundamental level to advanced.


Learn to control your opponent without the Gi

Submission wrestling

Sharpen your reflexes

Improve your physical conditioning

instructor teachiong wrestling grappling no gi bjj
wrestling grappling no gi jiu jitsu
Heel hook leg lock wrestling grappling no gi
girls stack passing wrestling grappling no gi
rear naked choke wrestling grappling no gi
guillotine choke grappling bjj
First off, this gym has a great community and is very friendly and welcoming. The part I enjoy most is the No-Gi, and I like that the timetable is at a 50/50 split of No-Gi to Gi. The instruction, especially the No-Gi instruction, is of the very highest quality and my game has definitely come a long way since joining Alliance Sydney BJJ.”
R. Lloyd

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