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Open mats are an opportunity for you to work on areas of your jiu jitsu that you feel need some extra attention outside of regular class structure.

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Taking place outside a standard class students are free to use the mat space however they please to study techniques that they are trying to improve. Students can choose to use Open mat to drill, to stretch, to get some extra rounds in or even just to socialise. The space is yours to use how you please.


An opportunity to challenge yourself and roll with completely brand-new partners

Plenty of time to roll

Refine your technical detail and perfect the positions you have struggled with in the past

Cross training and really change your game

open mat sharpen your details
Open mat
As a visiting black belt from Canada I had a great time dropping in at Vantage during the week I was in Sydney. Adam is a great coach and BJJ practitioner. Although I didn't get a chance to roll at other gyms nearby, it's hard to imagine there being any black belts in Bondi as skilled as Adam. He knows his stuff and has a great crew of people to train with!
J. Preisinger

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